Crossroads Facilities Technician

Crossroads Bible Church* | Grand Rapids, MI

Posted Date 11/08/2022

Position Title:  Facilities, Technician (FT-2)

Position Type:  Part-time Time Hourly

Position Hours:   20 hours per week (As determined week to week)

Position Pay:  See Budget

Purpose:  To serve the Crossroads body and broader community that utilize Crossroads Facilities.

Goals:  To clean the facility, serve current events, complete tasks as assigned, and handle emergency situations.


Reports to: Facilities, Lead

Interacts with: Facility Team

Primary Responsibilities:  

  1. Cleaning: At the direction of the FL, the FT-2 will execute a weekly schedule of cleaning the facility.
  2. Serving: The FT-2 will often serve as the main point of contact for Crossroads during their hours and is required to be engaged with knowing what is going on and being ready to serve as needed. This may include but is not limited to setting up tables & chairs, cleaning, locking and unlocking doors, troubleshooting building/space issues, etc. 
  3. Task Completion: Each shift the FT-2 will have to complete a set of pre-assigned tasks that relate to future events or other general facility needs. FT-2 to have the ability to anticipate future needs and look ahead.
  4. Technology: The FT-2 will make use of several apps and calendars to guide the workday, tasks, and schedule.
  5. Leader:  Every employee plays a leadership role on the Crossroads Bible Church staff.  As a participant in regular meetings and discussions on the direction of our church, they will be responsible to provide input, accept feedback and help shape what we do.

Requirements – The FT-2 must:

  1. Be a growing follower of Jesus Christ
  2. Agree with Crossroad's mission, vision, values, and doctrinal statements
  3. Be devoted to prayer and growing in God’s Word: passionate about being both a hearer and doer of the Word
  4. Be making his/her own marriage and family a priority
  5. Possess a passion for personal growth and ministry service
  6. Be able to set goals, implement processes to meet those goals, and manage time appropriately
  7. Be a contributing team member, able to both give input and accept the input and critiques of other team members
  8. Be physically able to handle the workload and regularly lift more than 50 pounds


  1. All benefits/responsibilities are spelled out in the Crossroads Employee Handbook.

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