Women’s Focus Children’s Coordinator

Crossroads Bible Church - 2 | Grand Rapids, MI

Posted Date 7/14/2020

Position Title:  Women’s Focus Children’s Coordinator

Position Type:  Contract Position Hourly

Position Hours:  10 Hours/Week

Position Salary:  See Budget

Purpose:  The Women’s Focus Children’s Coordinator oversees all things related to the Women’s Focus Bible Study and Thriving Motherhood Children’s Programs.

Reports to:  Women's Director

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for recruiting, hiring, background checks, scheduling, and payment of childcare workers for Thriving Motherhood and Women’s Focus Bible Study Childcare workers

  • Ensure that each classroom is equipped with mentors/teachers and all the resources needed to implement the lessons of that day

  • Weekly prepare and distribute all the resources needed

  • Work in the Crossroads Kids area during the Thriving Motherhood and Women’s Focus Bible study meeting times(Monday mornings 9-1130am, Every other Thursday morning 9-1130am)

  • Responsible for upholding the guidelines of Crossroads Kids

  • Must ensure that the program is running safely and smoothly during women’s ministry meetings

  • Attend any meetings that are required for the Women’s Focus/Thriving Motherhood steering team

  • Communicate with parents when needed

  • Keep the Church Community Builder (CCB) software updated with childcare worker information


  1. Be a growing follower of Jesus Christ

  2. Agree with the CBC mission, vision, values, and doctrine

  3. Be devoted to prayer and growing in God’s Word: passionate about being both a hearer and doer of the Word

  4. Be making his/her own marriage and family a priority

  5. Possess a passion for personal growth and ministry service

  6. Be able and passionate to mentor and lead others

  7. Be able to submit to the Crossroads Elder board

  8. Be able to set goals, implement processes to meet those goals and manage time appropriately

  9. Be a participating and contributing team member, which includes attending needed meetings and being able to both give input and accept the input of other team members


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