Lead Software Developer

City Innovation Labs | Grand Rapids, MI

Posted Date 10/14/2021

What we look for when hiring:

- Character

- Calling

- Competence

- Chemistry


Our values:

  1. Faith And People First
  2. Lead Like A Shepherd
  3. Humility And Intelligence
  4. Build And Collaborate With Empathy
  5. Treat Everything As Your Own
  6. Passionate And Purposeful Growth
  7. Can Do Can't Lose Attitude
  8. Be Proactive Honest And Transparent
  9. Work Hard But Have Fun And Be Yourself
  10. Throw Bad Ideas At The Wall


Mobile Technical requirements:

- Ionic

- Angular

- Angular CLI


- Unit testing with Angular (Protractor/Karma)

- Using HTTP APIs 


Server Technical Requirements:

- Java

- JUnit

- Spring MVC


Technical Requirements:

- Git


Nice to have:

- Progressive Web Apps

- Google Cloud Platform

- Google Data Store

- SAFe Principles


- bitbucket 


More of what we're looking for:

- This is a remote position BUT we have an office in Chicago and Grand Rapids that would be available to use.

Acting as a software development lead on projects (works autonomously and lead well).  Working directly hand-in-hand with Project Manager interfacing with the customer.

- Technology savvy, people savvy, and business-minded

- Loves to code - Team lead - rolls up sleeves and "gets in the trenches"

- Technical Shepherd over projects: provide technical leadership of cross-functional Agile team

- Focus and emphasis on the "how" is being delivered

- Ensure code quality of software product (the team is doing things right)

- Creation & management of Software Architecture Documentation (C4Model.com)

- Creation & management of internal Reference Architecture

- Participant in weekly Software Architecture Forum

- Setting up technical standards & "technical rails" for team members (make it easy to do things right).

- Focus on good patterns and practices

- Fairly technology agnostic (i.e. some technologies we use: .NET, Node, SQL, ...)

- Daily/weekly code reviews of team members

- Provide functional team leadership of cross-functional Agile team (development, QA, etc.)

    - Ensure the right people are “in the right seats” through interviews and one-on-ones (mentorship/coaching if necessary).

    - Ensure successful delivery of software project

- Active weekly coding participant

    - Creation of POCs to reduce risk

    - Focus on making the team more effective and efficient (automation, CI/CD systems, code quality metrics, etc.)


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